Louis Vuitton-Vienna price

  1. Hi girls,

    Next month I will be travelling to Vienna and I am thinking of buying a Louis Vuitton..Saleya MM to be exact (since the price in Indonesia is sooo expensive :sad2:, it's about 40% more expensive compare to Paris)..Perhaps any of you could tell me the price in Vienna (compare to Paris)? :shame:

    Thanks, girls...
  2. Would 866-VUITTON be able to tell you? Otherwise I don't know.
  3. Just check the prices on the LV wp under France and then add ish 30-40 Euros to it, that's actually the price you pay in Vienna or Germany.
  4. I live in Vienna and had to pay around 6% (300€ instead of 285€ on the French site) more than the French price for my wallet (was in February, after the price hike). To play it safe I'd add around 8% to each French price to get the austrian price. By the way you can get the 20% Tax off! since you are a tourist, all in all that would be as "cheap" as getting LV in paris, since the french have 19% tax, but you can only get 12% off.

    You could call the Vienna store directly, the are surely able to speak english: +4315336151 (43 is the country code, you might have to add a + or 00 before it, then the 1 is the code for vienna, 5336151 being the actual store number)

    edit: i just figured it might be even cheaper than in paris. Take the french price 640€, add ~8% for Austrian price makes around 690€, take 20% tax off makes around 580€ in total. French price 640€ minus 12% tax makes ~ 600€ Ö_Ö
  5. How do you go about getting your 20% tax off?
  6. sw0pp ~ That Very Interesting & Informative...Thank You
  7. sw0pp - thanks a lot..now, i'm sure i will be buy that Saleya bag :biggrin:
  8. Where is the 20% tax off coming from? Everything I read says that you can get up to 12 or 13% off. I want to know if this is worth the trouble because my sister who lives in Greece is coming for a visit soon and I need to know if i should have her make a stop at the LV store!
  9. yes, 13% is after the handling fee deduction I guess, sorry for the 20%, seemed to good to be true :hrmm: or do you mean where the 20% come from in general?! i guess you live in the US with a different tax system

    and I guess the exact percentage also depends on where you get the money back (bank will give you less)

    http://www.globalrefund.com/default.asp?viewFolderId=799&viewDocumentId=1881 they say up to 15% ö_Ö I'm wondering how they got 16.67% and 9.09%, cos it's definitely 20% and 10% on bills...
  10. Hi,

    I have a question for you.
    Does the shop in Vienna has Monogram Canvas Speedy 35, or I have to order it before? I come from Croatia :smile: