LOUIS VUITTON Vernis Roses Alma GM Rose Pop on Fashionphile

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  1. Hi,

    Sorry if this is not appropriate, but I remember there is a member on here who's dream bag is a Vernis Roses Alma GM Rose Pop. I read about her amazing collection of alma's…


    I just saw one on Fashionphile at this link, and wanted to tell them…..but they don't accept PM's…

    I'd love to help someone get their dream bag, so I just wanted to post this so they might see.

    Sorry again if this post was seen as advertising….or against the rules.
  2. No, you didn't do anything wrong nor advertising anything. You are so kind and thank you so much for the info.
    That's might be me - the person you talking about ha ha ha.
    I went to the web link that you gave us. OMG! I saw that beauty. She is GORGEOUS!
    However, the price is a bit too expensive - close to 5 grands for MRSP $2,650 in year 2009.
    Anyway, I'll wait a little bit. They might decrease the price down if I got lucky! Just keep my fingers cross now. ^_^
    Thanks so much again for the info, Vespa_girl
  3. Hello,

    I'm glad you were able to get my message and see the bag.

    I saw your collection when I searched for other people who has bought the Beige podure Alma - I was thinking of buying one and wanted to do research.

    Your post and reveal of the alma convinced me to get one.


    Have a lovely day and good luck getting that Roses alma at a good price.