Louis Vuitton Vernis Mott available?

  1. is this bag still available? I saw one eBay and thought it was so cute. Would like to know if its still in store and colors, also price? thanks in advance.
  2. Another bag, already? :wtf:

    I'm assuming it was discontinued not too long ago...on the vuitton.com site it says it comes in Hazelnut and Perle but no pomme or framboise...I guess you could try calling 866.

    The price on the site is 530 Euros, and the monogram Lockit is 525 Euros, so the Mott in USD is around the price of the Lockit...around $780?
  3. I swear this will be my last purchase until Sept. I just think it would be so cute as a small shoulder bag.

  4. FYI--There's a really cute pink one on let-trade right now, the price looks good.