Louis Vuitton Vernis in WHITE!

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  1. My SA called me to let me know about the Vernis in WHITE!! She showed me pictures.. ooooh la LA.. ITS GORGEOUS !! :nuts:

    Gonna buy it! Will post pictures soon. ha ha ha :lol:
  2. Hasnt the white already been out? It was kind of pearly looking? I love the vernis collection- I am a proud owner of the "marshmellow" color and a few others but that is my favorite.
  3. Oh i dont know. SHe says its the cruise 2006 collection?

    Its gorgeous! I love it.. I only own one vernis color.. in marshmellow too.. I love it.. :love:
  4. really cruise 2006, i have not seen that. I guess it is a variation on the white pearl color they already had. I love my marshmellow, I always get so many complements on it. The vernis line is great.
  5. I follow Vuitton Vernis very closely as it's my favorite line, and the white pearl color has been out for a while now ... maybe your SA means that they got new styles in for cruise 2006?
  6. OOOOhhh.. okay..

    I guess that makes more sense.. ha ha ha :lol:

    I only own one vernis - the marshmellow pink color in houston style. Never really care about it, but somewat i think white will be a very good vernis to have, dont u all think? :biggrin:
  7. I would be very careful with the white one, the material is very easy hurt, ex: if you sit it on a magazine it may rub off on it, and if that white bag gets any kind mark there is no removing it like other leather bags.(But this is true with any vernis, it would just be more noticable on the white ) The white pearly color is nice however. Let us know about the bag if you go see it.
  8. The vernis white is HOT! HOT! HOT! I totally approve! I have the vernis 'perle' in the pouchette & LOVE IT! Although white in general is a very difficult color to keep clean, the vernis material is cool that you can take a damp cloth and wipe it clean unlike other materials bc it won't absorb liquids as quickly, but then again, would you even want to risk the possibility of spilling anything on a handbag or dropping it in general? But I would as a rule of thumb keep it away from ink of any kind, pens definitely can be a hand bag lovers worst nightmare, I know this from personal catastrophic mishaps...let us know which style you go with...:amuse:
  9. Yeah, I was thinking it came out a while ago too :biggrin: Along with the indigo. I was hesitant about the white because of what was mentioned before, its delicate. I tend to stay with the darker vernis pieces. Also, I notice that lighter ones tend to fade, I've had that happen to a few and I take excellent care of my bags.
  10. I have an agenda in the pearly pink vernis and it has some marks on it from being in my purse. The light colors do mar easily. However, they are still beautiful.
  11. After a couple of years, this line has been discontinued hasnt it? Because I don't really see it being sold in sores anymore besides the wallets and smaller items.
  12. Is that called Pearle?
  13. Anyone see the date of the original post? 2005. ;)

    It's called Pearle but is not discontinued yet.
  14. I thought they were keeping Perle permanent... I hope not. I like it when colors come and go....
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