Louis vuitton verni beauty case

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  1. I called Louis Vuitton yesterday in hopes to purchase the Vernis beauty case. I was so disapointed to know that this beauty case was limited and sold out in every color, and I never got my hands on one. :sweatdrop: Does anyone here have one? If so, please show the pics, I would love to see it. Can anyone call thier SA and make it happen for me? Help me out. ;)

  2. The Vernis beauty case and the Pegase 50 (in Pomme & Amarante) :drool: was from the S/S 07 line, although we've been lucky to get the Pegase 50s in Vernis again this year.

    I've seen the beauty case on eBay and that is all I can think of if the toll free LV number can't help.
  3. Oh, it was gorgeous. I remember the amarante one...posted here, such a fabulous piece!
  4. It's gorgeous! I'm pretty sure it'll be around once more, it seems like this year's batch o pegases was bigger than last year's and they seem to be popular!
  5. Ohhh, I want one, too! :crybaby::crybaby::crybaby:
  6. Anyone have a pic??
  7. Thanks Ladies, I am so late, I did not know this bag came out last season, I thought it came out with the new Vernis Alma bags. I really did want to see it in the amarante color, if anyone could find that pic, I would love it. I will be on the lookout on Ebay as well for one.
  8. I hope they produce this again, I want a beauty case
  9. I can't remember who it was, but someone on here bought both Amarante and Pomme, I think they might have retailed for like $2700.00 or something like that.... the amarante was absolutely to die for....
  10. Ooh - pretty. I completely missed the beauty case, just GORGEOUS!
  11. I'm interested in one in amarante, too.
    I'd like to see pics, soon!
  12. Vernilover has one, you should check out her thread ! ;)
  13. I have been looking 4 one to go w/ my amarante pegasus. I just keep hoping it will pop up on the website someday like the pegasus did-it was on the French website this spring!
  14. Thank you!!! :tup: