Louis Vuitton USA website has been updated!

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  1. I have just been drooling and crying ('cos I don't have the money to buy all those wonderful bags) at the (finally) updated USA LV website.....can't wait to see the Tivoli up there though!
  2. YAY thanks for the info!!!!!
  3. No problem, I was really excited when I saw it!
  4. hhhmmm, just checked it out but looks the same as the last week or so - what did you see different on there? I've been dying for them to put up some of the new bags...
  5. The Palmero, the Griet in mono and m/c......
  6. wow - i wonder if my browser is having issues, the palermo wont come up for me...
  7. Get Em Now Ladies! It Says You Can Purchase Them! I Just Put The Griet Mc In The Cart For My Mom :smile:
  8. Oh I wish I was your Mum LOL!!!!Lucky Mum!!!!!!
  9. ^^^ aren't you a great son!!! wow ... lucky Mom!
  10. Matty can I be your mom for a day? :P
  11. Any first hand experiences from those who have ordered since the new change at their website??? Do you find the service better than before, and are items readily available, or not? TIA