Louis Vuitton twist mm - should I ?

  1. Hello , recently hubby told me that I can get something around $5k or below.

    I am thinking about the twist mm in pink or red tone.
    Is this a good bag ? Once I start using a bag it will be my everyday bag for 2 months straight. Until I swap to another bag.

    Would this be too similar with my chanel ? IMG_1505180855.367720.jpg
  2. I have the pink rose ballerine color twist mm and love it. Its very different from my chanel's and I still get lots of compliments when I use it. Good luck!
  3. I am so close to pull the trigger but yet I am kinda hesitant because it is such an expensive purchase...
  4. Get the Twist. It's so unique and beautiful it's worth it.
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  5. Get the twist. Not that many people have it and it always turns heads when I wear mine. Good luck with your decision!
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  6. I agree. I always get complimented on it!!
  7. Get it!!!
  8. Omg u guys are awesome !!!! I need that courage to buy this !
  9. I love mine, definitely get it
  10. I would definitely add the Twist to your collection! I think it's a really beautiful bag. Your Chanels are gorgeous btw... :love:
  11. I think I am getting the bright red color called Coquelicot that is an awesome color
  12. I have the coquelicot one and absolutely love it. I wanted a really nice bag that I can use in rainy England and not to worry about it. The SA told me I can use it in all weather:biggrin:, makes a change of using my Damier ebene ones everytim it rains.
  13. Ohhh hi, me too... am thinking about the silver twist for the longest time... should i?
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