Louis Vuitton Trunks and Bags Globe Wedge Heels Shoes??? Should I buy them?

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  1. I'm interested in buying some Trunks & Bags wedges, in the maroon (bordeaux) and the blue colors, both 38s (my size!!) and I'm really excited to get them, but how much do you think I should pay for them? They're both new with boxes and receipts :biggrin:
    Louis Vuitton 070.jpg Louis Vuitton 002.jpg
  2. Hmm, well, 2 things: first, I think these shoes run small (thehuangfamily has some on eBay and it says that a 39 best fits a size 7.5 or 8, I don't know your size but they might fit differently unless you've already tried them on) and second, I've heard from some here that the round logo area on the shoe is NOT comfortable when wearing them for any length of time.
    If you're still interested though, I think $650-$700 apiece is decent based on condition (and that same pair in blue is on eBay as a BIN for $980). I don't know what the retail was though.
  3. I always thought the Huang family was ridiculously priced for all of their items... they're selling a Cabas Toile Globe Shopper MM for over $2k. Is that about right because it's discontinued?
  4. Oh yeah they definitely are, that's why I figured the amount you should pay to be lower than that. :yes:
    I do think that Globe shopper is overpriced too, even though they ARE hard to find. You rarely see authentic ones on there, however I think $1600 for the MM and $1700 for the GM is about the limit for those. $2200 for that yellow one is insane.
  5. I like them! The blue is so pretty!
  6. Hmmmm im not liking them,they dont seem comfortable.
  7. I think they are so cute!
  8. I love these you should get them
  9. if it wasn't for LV, just for the look itself, would you buy them?
  10. yup, got em!! it sucks that it's getting cold now :sad:
    i have the matching Globe Shoppers-- MM in blue and PM in bordeaux so I'm really excited to wear them... even in the snow lol

    ok maybe not in the snow