Louis Vuitton Trouville or Audra???

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  1. Woo hoo! I'm going bag shopping tonight...which one should I get? I must tell you..I love the white Murakami multicolor. I know some people don't...but I mostly wear black/brown/blue so a bit of color is nice for me :smile:
  2. I think the audra is more of a night or out to lunch bag, the trouville is more everyday bag. imo.
  3. i'm leaning toward the trouville because it seems more casual...

  4. I do think that you will get more use with the trouville for sure.
  5. i love the trouville! i'm going to take a look at one tomorrow
  6. I'd go with the Trouville. It looks better, it's elegant, and not as expensive.
  7. the trouville! it's so gorgeous and i like the shape of the trouville better than the audra
  8. I like the shape of the trouville :biggrin: Let us know what you choose!
  9. Trouville!
  10. I think you better go with the Trouville!:lol: :lol:
  11. Hello ! You've mentioned in the other thread that you've also got a MC Speedy, which is quite a substantial bag (so big!). So I'm going to have to go againt the tide and say audra, just because it's a little different in terms of size and style. I think it's really unique and elegant, and can be casual as well as formal, something which the trouville may have a little more difficulty doing.

    But hey, post pictures of whatever you buy !
  12. I'm with Ayla. I'd go for the Audra. Let us know what you decide on.!
  13. my vote is for the trouville! i'm debating one too
  14. I just couldn't decide! I know I want the Trouville now. But I saw the black Murakami and its awfully nice too. What decisions!
  15. I prefer the Audra! It's so classy! :smile: