Louis Vuitton travel bag question

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  1. I am thinking about getting the Monogram Eclipse Keepall Bandouliere 55 for my birthday. Can anyone share pros and cons for this bag? I am looking for a larger travel bag that I can carry onto an airplane and I believe the 55 is the largest allowed. Wear and tear issues (aside from standard wear and tear. I understand travel can be harder on bags)? Theft or security issues? I really love this bag but I don't want to be too cautious or too nervous to use it and thus a waste of a birthday present!
  2. I have the 45 and used it to travel several times last year. In smaller jets I struggled to make it fit in the overhead and under the seat. Fortunately I was able to take out my winter coat, which solved the problem. I had no problem in normal/bigger jets, which is a blessing because I would've been really sad if I was forced to check mine in.

    The bag is heavy IMHO, but I'm also 5'2" and petite lol. The straps also aren't very soft at first. Best of luck.
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  3. My Grandmother gifted me her old Hermes HAC its a bit bigger wider then the 55 and also I have a Vintage Keepall that I got from a cosign website online many years ago. So I have experience with designer travel luggage and my advise is to not over fill them so you could carry them on the plane, I wouldn't check them in only because people are more aware of what expensive bag look like today and they may be prone to be targeted. I use mine mostly when I visit family outside the city traveling by car or train or for a weekend visit. Basically think about it as a XXL purse if you'r buying it as an actual travel bag constantly used for long distance, Don't.

    Pro: they look good, great space and great quality
    Con: Can be targeted, they will be damaged if mishandled by airport employee and not always a great idea to pack them heavily cause your body parts will work against you.
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  4. I have the eclipse 55 as well as the classic monogram 55 and I’ve never had a problem with either. My monogram keepall is 15 years old and has been used and abused, and is still in great shape! I’ve only travelled with my eclipse a couple times, but so far it’s aging well. I’ve never been nervous using either, and I’ve never encountered a situation that made me uncomfortable. In fact, no one has ever even commented on my bag while traveling. As far as size, I’ve only had to check my bag once as I was on a small island-hopper propeller plane. Other than that, I’ve always been able to carry on the 55 with no issues, and I stuff mine FULL. in my opinion, they are a great investment, and last a lifetime. They are very well made, and I look forward to expanding my Keepall collection. Good luck on your decision!
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  5. I own a preloved Keepall 55 from 1985 - yes, ‘85! My first ever LV piece, bought about 8 years back. I had some vachetta replaced, but the canvas is still in perfect condition. So in terms of that, definitely worth the investment.

    I bought it for airplane travel as well, which is not great if it’s your only luggage piece, it tends to get very heavy and a walk to the gate can be straining. Also with cheap airlines in EU, they can tell you you have to check in the bag - which I would never do, I think chances are huge it would get stolen (the horror!). Had to fight a stewardess on this once, so for airplane travel I now bought a Neverfull - this looks more like a purse and will never be asked to be checked in.

    I decided years ago to only use my keepall for holidays and trips by car or train, which I do often so I still enjoy it quite often. All in all still a bag I would never in my life get rid off. Good luck making the right decision that works best for you! :flowers:
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  6. I’ve used my keepall 55 many times while traveling and have had no issues. It’s honestly shows very little signs of wear. I also have never been asked to check the bag. My word of advice is do not over pack it, it will get heavy and uncomfortable. Definitely 1 of my best LV purchases.
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  7. Pros: super durable, convenient, classic look (even in eclipse).
    Cons: the 55 can get really heavy, may be too big for smaller/regional jets, even in First class.
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  8. I have the 55 but I find it too heavy. Also trying to pack it is a pain due to the narrow zipper, much like the speedy. Though I think it looks beautiful, I wouldn't recommend unless travelling by car.
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  9. I have the 55 and can also agree with others when I say that it can get pretty heavy. Also something to note, when it's filled and you're walking with it on your shoulder it will flop and hit the side of you. That gets to be very annoying when the bag is heavy hitting your side throughout the entire airport! Last time I flew with it, I was on a very small plane since it was from South Carolina into Philadelphia and it would not fit in the overhead. I had to stuff it under my legs for the flight. I love it, but the 55 isn't all that practical to me so I barely use it :sad:
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  10. I had both the 45 reg and the 50 B. The 45 was too small for weekend car travel, and the 50 was a pain to carry in the airport. I took the 50 to Hawaii and regretted it. I sold both of them when I got back and purchased a roller suitcase. Last week I was on a flight to NY and saw someone shove their 50 eclipse into the overhead compartment. I just cringed. If you want a nice bag for car trips, then the bag is great. For flights...get a Tumi roller case!
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  11. I think the big question is, do you actually like the idea of hauling a duffle bag thru the airport? I certainly do not and only use roller suitcases or backpacks. I love how glam a big mono carryall looks, but realistically I’ll be carrying it on my shoulder for at least an hour, between checking in, doing security, getting to the gate etc. Have you tried to traverse an airport book shop with a giant duffle on your arm? Not easy.

    I think they are better suited for car travel. I could not imagine lugging that thing through an airport. If you have another duffle bag or even gym bag, try filling it realistically with all your carryon items and talking a walk around the block and see if you find it heavy and taxing to carry.
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  12. Thank you all so much for your input! My Birthday is not until July so I have a few months to think about it. After all your advice I probably would not use it for airplane travel, however, we do travel to Toronto quite a bit by car so it might fabulous for that! Thanks again!
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