Louis Vuitton Totally MM

  1. Does the LV Totally MM really looks like a Nappy Bag ? Is it not elegant ?
  2. I was looking to maybe buy a totally last week. I ended up with a delightful, but the totally was comfortable and very functional with all of the pockets. I don't think it looks nappy. Lol. But it is not as dressy as some of the other options. To me since it looks more like a tote, it gives off a more casual vibe. But you could always dress it up with a bag charm or bandeau.
  3. Ohhhh I remember you ! " fashion disaster "
    Totally might not be elegant for you but
    I should say its very chic and very functional
    bag . Plus, a lot of ladies owns it here !!!

    What is elegant for you by the way ???
    Just wondering ! Hmmmmm
  4. I don't think it's a nappy bag. I don't own one, but have seen it on others. Looks very functional and comfy to wear.
  5. it's a structured bag. i bought one but ended up returning because it was a little too structured. it is also plain so will look like a tote instead of a shoulder bag but like some of the members here said you can always dress it up!
  6. It looks like a great everyday bag or work bag. I agree with dressing it up,
  7. The totally looks so chic when dressed up. I was inspired to get one after seeing a gorgeous woman wearing one over her trench coat. With casual outfits, though, it tends to look like a diaper bag.
  8. I dont Know why this bag is being accused of looking like a diaper bag.. Diaper bags do not look like that! I think its a very functional and comfortable tote! I think it does look s best with semi-formal wear
  9. Here is a picture of angelina jolie with her totally (not sure if this is the mm or gm). Diaper bag? I dont think so!
  10. I always wanted a Totally, but the SA and my husband said it looks like a diaper bag... I got an Estrela instead, then a NF and a Westminster... but guess what?? I still want a Totally!!! and now it's worth a lot more than when I first wanted it *insert tantrum here*
  11. Thanks for this pic ! She inspired me of
    wanting this bag so much ;)

    SO ELEGANT !!!
  12. LoL a nappy is another word for diaper. Not the "nappy" slang we use here in the US! Lmao
  13. I love my mono MM and never let the diaper bag comments dissuade me from buying it. I lvoe totes, and the Totally is one of my favs. I would love to own both sizes.

    Maybe it's the lighting in the photo, but it looks like Angelina's Totally has vachetta on the bottom.
  14. The Totally is definitely on my wishlist, it is such a versatile and elegant bag (thank you hannad for the Angelina Jolie pic!).

    IMO it does not look like a diaper/nappy bag at all...
  15. I have a Totally MM and love it! It doesn't look like a diaper bag at all.