Louis Vuitton Totally Damier Ebene

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  1. Hi there :smile: Do you think it looks like a diaper bag? I'm thinking of buying the pm size in Damier Azur. I Need opinions if it looks like a diaper bag. Thanks :smile:
  2. I don't think so. Just bought the Totally in DA AND LOVE IT.
    Since I will be 50 on Thursday, I sure hope no one thinks it's a diaper bag. 😄
  3. Congrats on your purchase 😃 I'm thinking of buying the same. Please do post modelling pics. It would be much appreciated

  4. Post model pics please
  5. No can do. On vacation and bag is @ home.
    Will do when I return tho.

  6. Thanks:smile:
  7. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1400430265.588819.jpg
    While it does look like a practical mom bag ( especially with the Sunday knock around clothes), I think it in no way looks like a diaper bag.
    I LOVE my totally!!
  8. It looks great on you!
  9. Love mine too! (mono)
  10. Thanks. One of the best bags ever. Got the delightful in mono. Probably the most attractive hobo style I ever saw.
    The totally really makes a plain outfit stand out.
  11. I don't think it looks like a diaper bag, bought one last week in DE love it
  12. It definitely does not look like a diaper bag!
  13. I "totally" wanted to get a DA, but I wear jeans almost all the time and a friend of mine has one and hers is all blue from color transfer. :sad: But it does look great!!
  14. I rarely wear dark jeans so I wasn't worried about color transfer in this case.
    After it came out in the DE I almost wished I had waited, it looked so pretty. But I really prefer lighter colors so the DA was a perfect choice.
    Anyone know why color transfer is so prevalent these days? Seems the color can come off just about everything? Not sure why dyes are so different and not colorfast anymore.