Louis Vuitton Tobago CarryAll

  1. This is a pretty good bag have any of you seen it?

  2. i think the blue one is gorgeous, don't care for the yellow or red one.
  3. That's classy ! I am red person but I will go for blue for this bag.
  4. I saw the red in person and it's beautiful. I'm not a red person either. It's closer to the suhali geranium than a true red I think.
  5. It's A Beautiful Bag!
  6. Love it! It's looks great in blue.. Does anyone know the retail on this?
  7. I think it's beautiful in red
  8. No but I think the blue one is the most popular
  9. its about 1800??
  10. it's gorgeous! And perfect as a gift for hubby! :smile:
  11. carryall $1850 USD, the keepall 50 is $2000. geeze. i could buy a couple of mono regular ones for that price!
  12. Saw it and immediately fell in love :love: :love:
    The blue is gorgeousssssssssss :love: :love: (wouldn't mind getting the red or the yellow one, though)
  13. It's a gooorgeous travel bag. I love it in blue!
  14. they're nice, i love the blue!
  15. Love it!:love: My favorite color by a huge margin is that dark navy blue, folloed by red. The yellow and pastel blue are icky though!:yucky: