Louis Vuitton to open new London flagship

  1. Published: 16 October 2007 13:43

    Luxury accessories brand Louis Vuitton is to open a new flagship store in Bond Street, after acquiring the unit next door to its existing store.
    Louis Vuitton has bought the lease for the former Donna Karan unit at 19 and 20 New Bond Street. It will combine it with its existing shop at numbers 17 and 18 to create a larger flagship store.
    Louis Vuitton has six stores in the UK, and sells in Selfridges and Harrods.
    Retail letting agent for the New Bond Street store was Harper Dennis Hobbs.
  2. Ooooo cool, I will have to visit this :smile:
  3. cool, but I wish there'd be one in Bristol lmao
  4. Yeah I heard about this before it going to go through a make over and make it more of an artistic store like the Champs Elysees strore lots of sculptural/arty type features
  5. Congrats to you fellow London tPF'ers! Maybe you all can have a tPF meet there soon?
  6. cool, i wanna go!
  7. Very exciting!
  8. Ooh! Exciting!
  9. Oooo i'm so going there!
    Thanks for the info!
  10. Exciting!!
  11. oooh I wanna go too!
  12. nooooo! we need more stores in the north not the south!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. If I lived in London, I'd be soooooo happy !!:yahoo:
    Congrats all LV lovers in the UK !!!!!!!!
  14. technically it's not a new store it a store expansion which is still great news but the article doesn't mention when it's happening I was told this year but I don't know if it's already started if it hasn't I wouldn't have thought they'd do it over Christmas as the store could lose money
  15. Great! It's my favourite UK store! :woohoo: