Louis Vuitton Theda PM

  1. Hey everyone just want to thank everyone for the awesome advice I have been getting here since I joined.Anyway having trouble selling my Theda PM.What should I do to market the bag better?Help.
  2. Take pics of everything: interior, hardware, handles, front/back/bottom/sides of bag, trademark heat stamp, date code, and dust bag/box.

    Perhaps try lowering the starting price to about $750, set a reserve price at let's say $1,500, and set a BIN of $2,100? :shrugs: Just an example. ;)

  3. IMO the 2100 BIN price for a second hand mono Theda is a tad high...hmm..., for me, if I see a starting price of $600, reserve of $1000, and BIN $1400-$1600, I'd consider it.
    I've seen the GM size sell for less than $2100! :nuts:

    If it's the MC...maybe a tad more.
  4. Well I have done that, started at 200. Bin 1400, reserve 1350.I got up to 900.00 last week.My pictures are good if i dont get at least reserve im keeping in bag forever.Shes too pretty for that. I know mc gms are selling for like 1600. now. Oh well thanks for yalls help, i will keep trying.:sweatdrop:
  5. This this a Mono Theda?
  6. Congrats and enjoy!
  7. Make sure that you have large pictures. If you don't know how to post large pics, email me.
  8. depends on the condition, I know I would not pay more than $1300 at the very most for ta theda PM, more if MC in gently used condition. Just be sure to post really clear pics and list any flaws if applicable.
  9. I love the Theda, I am curious now!