Louis Vuitton, the U.S.A and the economy . . .

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  1. Forgive me, my college degree is in economics so for me it always comes back to supply/demand and the aggregate expenditure line. I'm sure some of you can relate.

    There's been a lot of talk popping up on the board as of late concerning the made in the U.S.A and made in France bags, presummed differences or personal opinions.

    It's understandable to think that a made in France bag, designed and created by a French company, should be more desirable. I used to feel the same way.

    But considering the state of the economy, I was happy to purchase my made in the U.S.A. Neverfull a few weeks ago. That bag's value calculates into this country's GDP and provides jobs for American workers.

    This same concept can be applied by European residents, too. You might have a "made in France" versus "made in Spain" debate. But I suppose then it's a little less significant, considering membership in the EU.

    Sure, the company's historic core is French but LVMH is a global business.

    Just a thought, hopefully not too heavy of one relative to our light hearted bag talk. :sweatdrop:
  2. ^ I concur...that is exactly why I am proud to wear my made in U.S.A. bags!!
  3. Wow! I never even thought of it that way. I have always just assumed that people with problems with luxury bags made outside of France or Italy found problems with workmanship.

    But, considering the GDP and job impact adds a whole new face to subject. Maybe I should make more "made in the USA" purchases. It may save me some money in the future in numerous other arenas of life.
  4. I've never thought about that before, maybe that's why I suck at economics LOL.
  5. I have been noticing lately that some bags are made in Spain esp. the Azur. What does everyone think of that?
  6. I'm happy to have Made in USA bags. Nothing wrong with them at all.
  7. Me too! I don't mind made in USA bags at all :smile: I'm actually proud to own them!
  8. It doesn't matter where it's made. It's not like the French factories have the old-fashioned artisans or anything. They are all normal workers getting paid a low-mid salary.

    I never thought about the supporting USA this way before! sounds good! Actually I realized that today I'm wearing all made-in-USA! (lol I'm wearing american apparel, my neverfull, and ...oh whoops except for my shoes, lol)
  9. I never even looked at made at label-----but my bad I want a made in France label on a French bag. But I drive a large American SUV.;)
  10. No offense meant (I'm from Detroit and my dad worked in the industry for 30+ years), but do you know where all the parts came for the SUV? Somehow I recall that many of them are from countries outside the US.

    My point is that not many things are truly made in "just" one country, whether it's the US or anywhere else.
  11. I dont mind where it is made as long as the craftsmanship is up to par with their standards and from what I've seen, made in the USA is just as good as made in Paris France.
  12. haha my bfs majoring in economics and he always says supply and demand, efficiency blah blah blah
    I never thought about bags...
  13. I totally agree betterthanshoes!
    And I have never had any quality issues with any of my LV made in the USA!

    On a side note, as I work for a German company, we bring so many people from Germany here to support the work so that we have a distinct connection to the offices in Germany where our company was born...my guess is LV is the same with their production.

    Believe me - even if the bag was "made in the USA," it was probably made by a Frenchman, or at least managed by one!
  14. I don't think that any many countries can guarantee craftsmanship anymore, so something made in Italy has just as much chance of being defective as something made in China. Obviously, that is a generalization...but lots of expensive things are made in Italy with crap materials and little attention to detail...whereas Coach and Tumi both produce in China and are considered very high quality (relative to price). I think this applies to France and Spain and the US as well.
  15. Good points! I honestly never even looked at it that way.