Louis Vuitton the Song!!! by Jeffrey STAR


How do you like it!?!

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  2. Hate it

  3. Couldn't care less

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  1. There is a new song out by Jeffrey Star called LOUIS VUITTON! (there are a couple swear words in it so if you're offende by that sort of thing...) But yeah, its very catchy and kitchy and awesome. And it was mixed by siperstar DJ Larry TEE! (He amazing... google him)

    Here the link so all you lv myspace lovers can listen to it and add it to your profile!

  2. Cute, but not really something I could listen to a lot.
  3. Yeah def a novelty song. LOL
  4. Since "hate it" was an option, that's what I chose. :p
  5. I :heart: Jeffrey F*ckin Starrr
  6. Who is Jeffrey Starr?
  7. OMG.. haha wtf is that?? I thought it was funny but I didn't like it
  8. I do not care
  9. :s
  10. OMG, that's so funny!
  11. I wonder if this is what Louis Vuitton has come to?
  12. Not my style of song.
  13. hahahaha its juzz so funny so i guess i love it lol! its kindda corny.. listen to it if i was by myself lol or to annoy my brother or bf.:roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  14. lol, that just made my day, sooooo funny :p :jammin:, def. gonna play that to my SO when he gets home from work

    so tacky, I want that as a ringtone :nuts: :roflmfao:
  15. ^ ew I hope you don't really mean that...