Louis Vuitton Sydney is targeted by thieves

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  1. The Video: http://media.smh.com.au/?sy=smh&category=Breaking+News&rid=26435&source=smh.com.au%2F

    The News: Designer store targeted by thieves - National - smh.com.au


    David Braithwaite
    March 14, 2007 - 1:12PM

    Sledgehammer-wielding thieves made off with designer clothing and leathergoods after they smashed their way into Sydney's Louis Vuitton store this morning, police say.
    The gang of four men hammered a metre-high hole in a side window on the King Street side of the designer outlet, near Castlereagh Street, about 2.50am.
    The bandits hurled 20 to 30 blows into the strengthened glass before breaking through, a security guard who was passing the store told police.
    The men then squeezed through the jagged gap in the window, spending about six minutes inside before fleeing the scene in a white Subaru.
    Police said the thieves netted a quantity of the exclusive clothing and leathergoods stocked by the store, but exact losses were still being tallied.
    A single Louis Vuitton handbag can cost thousands of dollars, while an umbrella boasting the company's logo retails for $555.
    A police spokesman said Louis Vuitton did not have security cameras inside the store, but officers were canvassing the area for footage.
    A Sydney City Council spokesman said its nearest camera was about 30 metres away at the corner of the Pitt Street Mall.
    It is believed the getaway car may have been filmed by that camera.
    A spokeswoman for Louis Vuitton offered no comment this morning.
    The swanky brand's best-known product - handbags - was the target of an early-morning ramraid at the same store about 18 months ago.
    In October 2005, four balaclava-clad bandits used used a Subaru WRX to smash into the store about 4am.
    That time, despite the bandits ramming the store's doors with the car, the 17-millimetre laminated "bandit-proof" glass doors did not shatter.
    But the door hinges gave out enough to let the raiders to slip through.
    An unknown number of Luis Vuitton handbags - which can cost as much as $10,000 each - were stolen during the robbery, a security guard said at the time.
    Earlier in 2005, a Subaru WRX smashed into a Sydney CBD department store.
    Some Sydney designer stores have taken extra measures to prevent theft, such as 24-hour security guards and bollards to stop ramraids.
    Anyone with information about this morning's break-in can call The Rocks Local Area Command on 8220 6399 or Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.
  2. Sydney robber has a taste. Poor Louis.
  3. ohh. theres a post on this...


  4. oh no! i hope there wasnt a TRIBUTE bag in there!
  5. unbelievable.... the WRX Bandits strike again! they've hit Chanel in Melbourne and Gucci at the Rocks (Syd) before too.
  6. I hope they catch them.:cursing:
  7. The blasphemy! They spelt Louis Vuitton as Luis Vuitton in the article!
  8. God that is just horrible!!! :cursing: hope they get caught soon!
  9. already posted.
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