Louis Vuitton Sweet earrings help

  1. Hello! I am new in the forum and I need help. I just bought the LV sweet earrings and I do not know how to wear them, all the three earrings are different and I feel bad wearing two different earrings:blush: . Was this design made like that or do I need to buy another set and make pairs?:confused1:

  2. It was sold like that. Hope that helps! : )
  3. I believe you're supposed to mix and match them- but if you're not into that, you could always return it or buy another set.
  4. They're meant to be UNIQUE :smile: so you can mix and match them. I wear mine depending on my outfit or my mood. I am okay with it bcoz it is unique but if you're really not into it, you can still have it exchanged within 2 weeks
  5. they'll be cute mismatched =) of course you can always buy another set to match but i think they work well with each other
  6. Please post picture would really love to see how they look like
  7. Return them if it's not your thing...or buy another set?
  8. You are mix and match. The earrings are very unique. However if this is not you return and get something else you love and will wear.
  9. Earrings are unique- you wear them mix matched- very pretty!
  10. They are meant to be like that. Do wear them differently, they'll look gorgeous on you.
  11. can you return earrings? usually stores don't allow it for hygiene reasons.

    but as already confirmed they are supposed to be different they are cute
  12. I always wear the heart and then one of the symbols. Believe me, when you wear them you won't even notice that you're wearing two different earrings. I always get a lot of compliments when I wear them.
  13. they are suppose to be worn mix and match. I am really not in this and would like my earrings to match. if you can't return then I would buy another set.
  14. I would buy another pair too....
  15. Thanks to every one for helping me I think I am going to match them.

    Thanks you are great! I love this forum!