Louis Vuitton supported the Nazi

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  1. A lot of people did things in the past their descendants aren't proud of today, but descendants aren't responsible for the mistakes of their ancestors. And we don't know the full story ... allegations aren't necessarily facts.
  2. What an unexpected insight....hmmm
  3. this issue has been brought up several times already. these people had to do what they did in order to survive. Hugo Boss made officer's uniforms, Coco Chanel had Nazi lovers. shall we hate all Germans for having Nazi relatives?
  4. ^
    Agrees. these are old news.
  5. Coco Chanel aslo had some kind of involvent during the war... no big news. Moreover we should should take into account the propangana of the time and people's natural instinct to do what it takes to survive.
  6. Ho hum - with all due respect to the poster - old news from 2004. :bagslap:

    I think by far the better topic for conversation from that article is the bit:-

    "What does shock, but not surprise me, is that the French press has not publicised this book and that I'm hearing about it from a foreign journalist, but that's the French press."

    Ha ha ha - this would be the same French press as advertise LV everywhere for huge bills would it, by any chance, hmmmmmmm?? :roflmfao::roflmfao:

  7. Time to dump my Chanel and LV into my BMW and set it all on fire!

    -- KIDDING!!!

    As a descendant of European Jews, I am especially sensitive to this topic but truthfully, I'm more concerned about what companies are doing now -- exploitation of child labor, unsafe working conditions, emission of greenhouse gases -- than what they did over 60 years ago. These companies were penalized by the post WWII climate although the ones we know today obviously recovered quite well. Anyway, it's fairly well known that Chanel, Bayer, UBS and so many other companies were involved in some way. The important thing is to learn from history, not repeat it.
  8. Lots of companies were involved with Nazis. IBM ran their whole punch card system to organise all their records for the concentration camps and stuff.

  9. HAHA! Taking out the trash are we...:p:roflmfao:
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  12. its called patriotism i think. im sure every world power has some shameful past they'd rather not discuss.
  13. one of the Uk's biggest banks made it's money insuring slaves, if you go back far enough everyone has something bad in their history.
  14. Closing this thread as this topic has been brought up a few times in the past.
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