Louis Vuitton sunglasses

  1. Look at the catalog at LouisVuitton.com..

    I was surprised, I think many of the sunglasses are quite ugly. There are a few that look nice though. I like how they used the gold hardware..

    What do you think? Yay or nay?
  2. I like some of them.
  3. I love the "Obsessions"... :biggrin:
  4. I think there was one pair I liked.
  5. Ditto! Love them!:heart:
  6. I liked the one's from Spring/Summer 2005. In particular the Ginas, Millionaires, and Havannas. The only ones I bought this year were the Raymundos.
  7. Some of them are cute.. my dream ones would either be the CB cat eye ones, or Pharrell's millionaires.
  8. I tried em on, they are way too oversized for small faces. Some were also really granny style, not for the money, i'd lose em anyway!
  9. I like some of them.... I don't see any on Elux, I am wondering what the prices are like.... :wondering
  10. The obsessions I want are $500.00 the Huntingtons are $470.00, Fullertons are $390.00 Idk if these were part of the increase or not
  11. I want Pharrell AND his Millionaires. He's a little short (I'm 5'8"), but we could make it work. :graucho:
  12. My mom is getting the Obsession Rond ones. I like the Obsession Carre, but I wear glasses and am too afraid of contacts so I'd have no use for sunglasses :cry: What's cool is that these styles come in a Western and Eastern version...the Eastern version is supposed to fit better on Asian faces/noses. So if you're Asian and you don't like how some of their sunglasses fit, try asking them to ship in an Eastern one for you :idea: