Louis Vuitton sunglasses - General thoughts?

  1. I was at the Castelreagh Street boutique yesterday to return my sister's defective, yellowing MiniHL :crybaby:(Only TWO MiniHL's left in all of Australia - if anybody is interested, act NOW), and spent an hour or so wandering about, looking at various whatevers and other yawn-inducers (t'was one of those days, where the sight of ladies-who-lunch trying on handbags sort of makes you gag, and where not even the sight of seasonal Vuitton produce could chirp me up), and I turned around to leave - unhappy that I was stuck with a $755 credit note and without a retail fix - until I spotted the sunglasses display near the exit, more specifically, the Tonga sunglasses in beige; which I've now been thinking of non-stop (I have a pair being transferred from Melbourne because the remaining pair in Sydney had a wobbly arm).


    This may seem to odd to some people, but I have never owned or really worn a pair of sunglasses in my entire life, and find the idea of spending close to $800 on something that sits on my face occasionally, a little scary.

    I guess my question is: what do LV sunglass-owners out there, think of the strength and general quality of Louis Vuitton's sunglasses in comparison to other brands?

    Another thing that is sort of holding me back is the fact that a lot of people I know frequently lose sunglasses - inc. my bf who's lost two pairs of glasses in the past 4 months. *I'd go NUTS if I lost my $750 Louis Vuitton sunglasses :wtf: Ideally there'd be some kind of insurance service for this.
  2. It sounds like mayble you're not ready to purchase LV sunglasses. Perhaps you should purchase much less expensive ones and see how that goes. Since you have never owned sunglasses, I suppose this might help determine if you might easily damage or lose them.
  3. What are those sunglasses made of? The idea that the one pair at the store had an insecure arm scares me.
  4. Acetate (aka. plastic) and steel.
    It scared me too... hence the question. I asked if they could tighten the frame then and there, they said it wasn't a problem and tightened it - but they couldn't tighten them enough to prevent the arm swinging around when tipping the glasses back and forth.
  5. ^
    They'll fix it for you. Also it's not normal acetat but made out of cotton! ^_^ I assure you once you have LV glasses you won't be getting anything else. The quality is beyond chanel dior and all the others. :heart:
  6. Get them if you want them!
  7. LV sunglasses are THE BEST! you'll never want any other brand once you get your first pair. and yes, it won't be the only LV pair you'll have for long either.
  8. I tried Tonga before, looked totally ridiculous on me, yeah sad but true:sad:
    LV sunglasses are definitely high quality made, and they are rarer and more unique. They are no like Dior or D&G you will see them everywhere on the street, no offense to Dior/D&G girls tho.

  9. Trust the other Aussie. LV makes the BEST sunglasses. They truly are in a league of there own.

    And btw. Acetate is not a plastic, it's derived from cotton.
  10. I can officially give my advice on sunnies since I got Soupcon's the other day...you can tell right away they are quality plus!!!! I have Chanel's (don't get me wrong, I love them too!!) but the feel, look, workmanship on my LV's are totally worth it!
  11. Lv sunnies are fab (and they are handmade)

    you say you lose a lot of sunnies where they designer brands (i.e cost alot) because if not that could explain it without really thinking you'll take better care of your LV's
  12. Hi there

    if you love them I'd def. say get them! LV sunnies are absolutely worth it.

    I just love my Obsession Squares in black :black: I've always been a sunnie freak (had D&Gs, Guccis, Chanels) but honestly nothing beats the LVs. Craftmanship and quality is amazing. With the Landscape vision lenses you don't even have the feeling that you are looking "through" something if that makes sense. I really don't know how to explain this better :shame:

    I'm currently waiting for my 2nd pair :p (Gina's in Honey)

    However: If you say you've never really had any sunnies before, maybe get something else first to get a feel for it. Maybe you are just not a sunglasses person :shame: Get a cheap pair, try it out for a month and then decide if sunnies are for you.
  13. I am with the majority so far - LV sunnies are def. worth the $$$ (providing they feel comfortable on your face and suit you)! I am very happy with the ones I own.:tup:
  14. If you don't think you'd have a use for sunglasses, and if you're scared of paying that much for just an "accessory" (to me I cannot live without a pair because I need to protect my eyes from the sun...it's a half necessity :smile:) then IMO you shouldn't buy them...save your money for something that you'll use and love.

    I have a pair of LV sunnies and they are probably the best pair of sunnies I've ever owned in my life. The quality is amazing, it looks good, and although it's only made of acetate (I have the Obsessions) I feel that it's quite durable. Plus, I use mine almost every day. I also heard great things about the LV Landscape lenses and have considered buying another pair of sunnies in the future with these lenses.
  15. I bought a pair of Soupcon GM's and although I really liked the way they looked, they felt weird. And then, thanks to this forum, I discovered that LV also makes an Eastern fit. So, I returned the first pair to eLux (those were Western fit) and ordered the Eastern from a boutique. I just got them yesterday and am really liking them!!!