Louis Vuitton Summer RAOK Reveal

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  1. Welcome everyone,

    The summer RAOK has officially begun :yahoo:

    Please post ALL pics of your items and/or notification of receipt of items to this thread. I cannot stress enough how important it is to do this! Your buddy will be worrying about your gift making it to you....so this helps set their minds at ease. In addition, we love looking at gifts, and it helps give ideas!!

    That said, to help make this a smooth RAOK I have a spreadsheet all set up to keep track of who has received gifts and when. If I see that your buddy has not received their monthly gift...around the 25th you will start getting PMs from me reminding you!

    If you sent a gift to your buddy and you don't see them post on this thread....please PM me ASAP so I can remind them to post pics! Please allow AT LEAST 7-10 days for them to receive it though (don't want to spoil the surprise)!

    OK all that stuff out of the way.....let's have some summer fun!!!! I am looking forward to seeing what wonderful ideas everyone comes up with :yahoo::yahoo:
  2. I've already started working on my buddies gift!:yahoo: I really hope my buddy likes it!
  3. I'm getting my buddy's gift this weekend... I sure hope they like it! :tup:
  4. Im just finishing off my gift to my other buddy but I will soon go shopping for my buddy for this one. :flowers:
  5. This is going to be awesome!!

    ?where's the lvoe scarf thread??
  6. Woohoo I cant wait! Im starting to get my buddys gifts today! I have to be creative!!!
  7. I will work on my buddy's present this week and next weekend, so don't worry buddy! hold on! I'm not gonna be the first one to send, but it will be coming...
  8. I already went shopping for my buddy :biggrin:

    Gotta finish on Friday!
  9. i already started my planning. im glad the questions were a bit better, helped me get more ideas this time around. hehe whoever got me, sorry..but i answered in FULL detail! lol
  10. I can't wait to see the the gifts that start rolling in for June!!!
    I am hitting the mall this week.....I got a great buddy that I can't wait to shop for!
  11. I'm leaving for shopping for my buddy!! I'm not sure what to get her.. it's a bit difficult!!... but I'll figure it out! Just hope she likes it!! Buddy, I'm sending your first gift this week!!
  12. Seeing everybody getting thigns makes me get that "i wanna go shopping!" feeling in my belly!

    To my mystery buddy, if you have any questions or if i didn't fill something out enough, please let twiggers know~!
  13. Same here!
  14. I just got back from shopping!! I think I have my buddy's first gift ready to send! I'll just add some treats and mail it!! I had so much fun shopping that I'm starting to think of your next gift!!! :biggrin: I'm so excited! I really hope you like the designer piece I'm sending you.. No, it is not LV! Sorry! ;):P
    To my secret buddy, I think I'l send you my questionnaire again... it is a bit incomplete, and I don't think you can find much info about me since I'm new to this forum!
  15. Oh this is so exciting! I am trying to think of the perfect first gift, hmmm... I think I have an idea, I can't wait to see everything posted here!