Louis Vuitton Summer 2005

  1. [​IMG]
    Model Karolina Kurkova walks the Louis Vuitton runway[​IMG]
    LV Monogram Cerises bag</SPAN>[​IMG]
    the look:
    1940's Retro the must-have:
    Takashi Murakami cherry print monogram bags
  2. Awesome pics!!!!
  3. that teeny tiny baby noe hanging off the cerises purse is adorable :love:
  4. Blast from the past! Love those pictures!!
  5. the 2005 collection was a wonderful line! i love the pastel bag!
  6. *ooooh* love the pink murakami one! and the red crochet bag! didn't remember seeing them in the stores tho'!! :love: but then again i wasn't a huge LV fan before I came onto this forum :P
  7. I miss the 2005 collection
  8. Im so i love with the miniatures bads
  9. I remember that collection! The Cerises Lezard items were so gorgeous.
  10. I love the 2005 collection.
  11. nicccceeeeee! :love:
  12. What is the name of the bag in the 2nd picture down, with the cherries. That is the cutest bag I have ever seen! I think I need to track it down somehow...:smile:
  13. I:heart:mini Noe!!!