louis vuitton Suhali lockit or chanel 2.55?

  1. I really like these two bags but i only want to buy one since they are quite pricey. I don't have many black bags, i have one really nice black designer clutch, a mango nag that looks a but like the chanel and an old nine west bag. I really need a nice bag that i can wear out to dinner and to social events and that has no print to wear with busy clothes all in one. What do you guys think about these babies?

    The pictures are not mine
    M91875.jpg D428012D-FAB!-yellow.jpg
  2. I have (and am madly in love with) my Suhali lockit, but if you're looking for a dinner/social event bag, IMO the Chanel suits your needs better.
  3. Chanel, hands down.

    Don't get me wrong, I MADLY love Louis, but Chanel is a lot classier if you want to wear it to social events and dinners.
  4. I usually prefer LV... and I like the Lockit... but somehow... I have to say Chanel in this case :huh:
  5. i love the chanel more :p
  6. Those bags are totally different from each other, so you need to decide how you would use it. The Chanel is more formal and the LV is more for everyday.

    I really like the Chanel myself, but would have nowhere to carry it.
  7. Chanel is definitely more of a dress-up, night-on-the-town bag.
  8. If you need a bag for dinner or special event, definitely Chanel is the bag to go. It is feminine, classic and forever.
  9. Chanel 2.55 is more suitable for your purpose. =)
  10. Chanel is the better buy.
  11. For your needs, CHANEL is a perfect choice out of the two. I see suhali lockit as a perfect work bag.
  12. Chanel for SUREEEE!! As much as I love LV, Chanel 2.55 is a timeless classic.
  13. Definitely Chanel! I love this bag!
  14. I agree with H_Addict!
  15. I love both bags. I see the LV more as an everyday bag and the Chanel more for dress-up and evening wear.