Louis Vuitton Suhali help!


Dec 8, 2005
Hi, I'm new to this forum, but was really excited when I found it! It such a perfect place for major purse obsessing! :biggrin: Anyways, I am in the market to get an LV Le Talentueux bag. Its sooo cute! I think its one of their most versatile looks. I recently purchased one from eluxury.com in the white color, and got it today. Its really nice, but it also came with a noticable stain! :mad: Man, I was really pissed. I already had second thoughts earlier on on getting this color, because I am afraid of getting it dirty! Anyways, I'm going to returned this defected bag. I am recontemplating about bag colors...should I get it in white after all? I also like the blue one...there is also one in red and one in black. What color do you think is best? I generally like black, but I find that their black bag in this style has major gold on it, though their doctors bag in black (L' Ingenieux, PM) is pretty good in this color (this is my alternative if I am being more practical). Ok, so blue, red, white or black in Le Talentueux, or perhaps black in the doctors? Any thoughts? I've attached some pictures for you to see (the red bag is in the doctors, because I can't find one in the other style to show you) Please help me! Practical vs. cute color bag?


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Dec 2, 2005
I actually have one of these bags. I have the Le Fabuleux in white. I know you are concerned with getting your bag dirty or hurt. No matter the color you are going to need to be careful with the bags, they are not like the canvas that can take anything (I do not own any traditional monogram canvas handbags, but do have the lugagge and a trunk, so I know they are durable).All of the colors are beautiful and each bag is fabulous. You should choose the color that suits you best. I wear a lot of pinks and pretty colors so the other arent right for me. I am sorry about your damaged bag, you would think they would have noticed that before it shipped. I have order a lot of merchandise from eLuxury and never had a problem. Hope you get your new one soon! (Also when decieding on this bag, remember how do you like to carry your bag, hand or shoulder, or in the middle of your inner elbow.)


Dec 8, 2005

thanks for all the emails so far! You guys really know the importance of picking the right bag! Besides, I think the guys I have been harrassing here about colors are having headaches! Maybe if it was a big flat screen tv....their attention would be better held! Anyways, I have definitely ruled out the blue as impracticable....still down to black, red.....possibly white/ivory(this picture doesn't do it justice! it looks pink here!) Also, for those who voted for black....though I said I prefer it in the doctors style, do you think it looks ok for the Le'Talenteux style too? (all these bags look much better in person!)