Louis Vuitton Suede Onatah bag

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  1. WOW! That's a FAB bag!!!
  2. I prefer the brown version. It's cute but it would be hard to care for suede, especially if you live somewhere with lots of percipitation.
  3. I love it, though I would not pay that much for it..
  4. Beautiful bag but the price, YIKES!!!
  5. I think its pretty, too- I wish it didn't cost so much. I've only seen it in that color, I wonder what the other colors look like.
  6. is this seller legit (not that i'm going to buy it, i'm just wondering because if they can get this, who knows what they can get!)

    i like it a lot more in the actual pics than in the ad, looks like quite a cute bag actually
  7. Yup yup, check out their other gorgeous items, like the metallic spy ! :nuts:

    I wonder when we're going to see the runway fringe bags popping up on eBay. The fakes have arrived, but I've yet to see a real one !
  8. i don't know, i think it looks weird. maybe if it came in black...lol
    i love my black bags..
    plus, the retail price is half of that!
  9. I would have to agree with **JJ** it is weird looking! I just think that because it's smaller than the one in the photograph of the model with the bag. Perhaps the MM/GM will be more appealing to me... ;)
  10. I like it! I wonder if it does come in a larger size :biggrin: I dont really care for small bags.
  11. It's really unique, but I would worry about keeping it clean...or just never use it. Frame it maybe.
  12. My first thought looking at it was the flower appliques would be curling at the ends and I don't think I can stand that.
  13. the new instyle has the gisellle ad with the bag. i like the shape, but not the flowers