Louis Vuitton Store Special Orders thread

  1. Hi im very interested in LV special orders. What are the rules on special orders ? and if you have a special order bag could you please post pics of it and tell me your stories...I would love to hear. thanks:flowers:
  2. There's a special order book that the store can take a look at to see if your item is available in the combo that you want. But if it's not in the book, they'll have to check higher up--LV NYC in the US and I presume France in Europe. Anyways, the mark-up on a SO runs about 30% higher or more. And if you want something that isn't available for SO, they have the "Creation" option. But that costs between 3-5 TIMES the cost of the normal item.

    The common SO is a Damier item in Mono and vice versa. There are some SO's where a canvas (damier/mono) is made in Epi.

    There's a SO "club" in the sub-forum where you can see some photos that people have posted. Here's the link:

  3. thanks :smile: