Louis Vuitton store opening at yorkdale?

  1. does anyone know if this is true? this would make my day if it was!
  2. The counter that's there at present is being closed for a NEW counter that will open this summer at some point. Additionally, a new entrance is being opened where Louis Vuitton will be (think where babies was). :yes:

    Details to come !
  3. Congrats, very exciting for you!
  4. really? so right now there's no LV @ Yorkdale? ... but Holt's has to include LV, so there shouldn't be another separate LV boutique at Yorkdale? Keep me updated! thanks :smile:
  5. There is already a Vuitton counter, it's a lease counter so it belongs to Vuitton but is located inside Holts.

    They are expanding so it will have a larger space in this coming summer. :yes:
  6. Thanks god, the LV counter at Yorkdake is so small