"Louis Vuitton Store In Rome Gets Geek Chic Makeover"

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  1. not sure if this is on here yet!!

    it looks amazing though!!!

  2. Another excuse to go to rome. It looks amazing. :yahoo:
  3. THanks for sharing!
  4. Way cool!!!
    I wish stores here were more adventurous.
  5. that's super cool! thanks for posting!!
  6. Wow! Before that store wasn't very nice... I bought there my first LV :love:
  7. my brother just got back from a month-long trip around Europe and he took photos of the stairs too. the Condotti boutique seems bigger than when i was there a few years ago. it looks fantastic!
  8. Wow thats sooo pretty! i really want to see it irl :sad: it looks amazing :love:
  9. me likey :love: Now I want to go to Rome..
  10. I want to go!!!
  11. looks so cool!
  12. I LVOE going to the LV at Landmark in Hong Kong because it's so nice inside!!!
  13. Wow! thanks for posting :smile:
  14. That's gorgeous...I wish my store looked half as nice as that!
  15. Wow!!! Now I have even more reasons to go to Italy! :biggrin: