Louis Vuitton Store in Chevy Chase, MD

  1. How is the service here? What is it like? Any comments on this store appreciated! Thanks!
  2. I LVoe this store! It's the flagship in our area so they usually have at least one item of what is in the catalog or current line. Service is good, though sometimes they are really busy. If that's the case, I usually hop over to the kiosk in Saks and have a look-see. For references of SA's, hit me a private e-mail bec I don't want to post their names here.
  3. LVuittonLuvr, I cannot send you an email! The system won't let me for some reason! I would love some SA reccomendations. If you could, could you please email me with names? Thanks!
  4. Visit my blog then tell me if you got the names already so I can remove it. Thanks
  5. Thank you so much! I got them. Would any of them recognize your name? If so, I could say you referred me and you might just receive a special gift or something.
  6. I don't really know. Hhehehehe. But they are all helpful and accomodating. What are you thinking of getting? Goodluck and have fun!
  7. Thinking of picking up a key ring (not sure which one, there are so many I like), four key holder (probably in Azur, maybe Ebony though), and Jeans Belt 45. I absolutely love it and fell in LVoe the moment I saw it.