louis vuitton store exchange

  1. ok heres my issue.. i bought a eugenie wallet on eBay for a good price. its authentic and everything.. and now i started examining the pics (the wallet didnt come yet) .. and theres these weird indents!!!

    this pic shows them the best:

    i dunno what to do!! is that considered a defect???
    The girl that sold it to me bought it less than a year ago and shes sending me her receipt from the lv store that she bought it from (5/07 vegas)

    do you think i can exchange it for a new one if i say i got it as a gift from my friend.. heres the receipt?

    am i over-reacting? are those dents supposed to be there?
  2. Where are the dents you are talking about? If you are talking about the ones on the left side where the cards go, I think that's just from putting in lots of cards.
  3. ^Yep- the dents are from cards. It's definitely not a defect.
  4. that and also on the right where the "buckle" is.. its indented on both sides =\
  5. ^That's from the flap being closed over a very full wallet- still not a defect.
  6. I agree.....I think it's OK.
  7. I agree with the others it is normal "wear and tear" if you will. I think she must have carried the wallet very full and the cards, etc. must have made an indent. I think this will happen if you did happen to get a new one though and I doubt LV would consider it a defect. Enjoy your new wallet, it looks like it is in great condition and I wouldn't worry about this at all.
  8. thanx guys.. i think i should see it in person first
  9. sorry dear i think you can only exchange items within 30 days with most stores and not just LV. It looks like a really well loved wallet hope you got it for a great price on eBay. I would take it to LV to be authenicated make sure it isn't AAA from china
  10. it looks like she just overstuffed it...I don't think it's a defect!
  11. it looks like it was just full and the side thing is cards. youll see. its just use.
  12. It just used!!!
  13. Looks fine to me, just signs of normal usage and from placing credit cards in the slots! Once the wallet is closed the indentations on the other side are from it being closed and the items pressing is all. This is all normal wear, LV will not exchange on normal wear. It appears you got a wallet that was lightly used and its condition looks great to me! Enjoy!