louis vuitton stephen (with out leopard)

  1. Is the louis vuitton stephen without the leoppard part of permanet collection? For those of you do own it is a good day bag? It seems like ti would be a good bag for college and its less flashy without the leopard. This bag has grown on me,. Im not sure if I should ask for it as a :love: graduation present.
  2. I have it..Its a big bag and HOLDS EVERYTHING! I dont think its flashy at all....Its so cute IRL!
  3. It's a bag to commemorate Stephen Sprouse and has a 2 year warranty instead of a 1 year. It's not permanent and when it sells out that will be it.
  4. it might be a bit bulky for college?!?! also, if you fill it up you might have back problems!I dunno...to me it might stick out like a gym bag...I'd rather have tote bags like LH or BH/BV or Cabas Mezzo for college!
  5. I have the mono Stephen and love it. It is one of my fav bags. It is big but not HUGE IMO. The only downside, is the strap that comes with it, I am not a huge fan. But since I don't use the strap often, not a huge deal. Plus I can use my mono strap for those times I need a strap...it works just as good!
  6. Does anyone know how long it will be available?
  7. if you can afford it, so for it! it's hot. if you decide its too much, you can always sell it and PROBABLY MAKE MONEY!
  8. I LOVE that bag, but not with leopard... I've seen them with other leathers and they are TDF... if you can do it, DO IT. So nice, to have such a limited edition rare bag...esp if you're in college... yay.
  9. thanks for all the replys its either the stephen or the backpack,. I cant make up my mind and what sucks the stephen is only available for a limited time
  10. Honestly, I dont think the stephen is a good bag for school if you're intending on using it to hold your books/notebooks/laptop and such. I ditto just_jill's recs, those are better college bags
  11. STEPHEN yes, backpack nooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. I tried on the stephen about 2 weeks ago, its not big enough to fit A4 folders/laptop....:push:otherwise i would've brought it!!!! The bag is HOT!!!
  13. I may be late in adding my 2 cents, but I got the Stephen for Christmas and I am obsessed with it! People admire and compliment it all the time and I love that it is limited and not everyone has one. I am not into backpacks at all so if you can still get a Stephen I think it is a more memorable piece that you will be more happy with over time. Another thing to consider though is the Stephen is quite a bit more expensive so that is also a detemining factor. Good luck, it is a hard choice!

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  14. i thought leopard stephen was limited but mono stephen would be around awhile sorry if I'm wrong
  15. I Have The Mono Stephen And At First Loved It But Now The Patina Has Started To Turn Honey Color And I Hate That. I Already Want A New Bag. To Much Patina. Ugh