Louis Vuitton Stephen Sprouse Leopard Scarf

  1. Could someone please tell me if these are still available to buy at LV stores? I wanted the brown cashmere one (that looks most like leopard print) and has the bright pink LV writing. I really want one! Thanks
  2. This is sold out. Was only available limitedly during the winter OCt-Dec. Best bet is eBay now however they are going for $1200-1500 (retail was $590).

  3. Hi~~
    I know that the Vancouver Canada store has just gotten two of those scarfs in about a week ago.
    Although there's the 13% tax, it's still probably cheaper than buying on eBay.

    Might as well give it a try!:idea:
  4. Thanks for the advice but i live in the UK. I don't think i'd be able to get that scarf you mentioned in vancouver.
  5. I just bought it off eLuxury last Thursday and it arrived Saturday the 9th.

    I have been praying that it would come back online at eLux and if FINALLY did early Thursday AM. I thought I was dreaming -- I put it in my cart and bought it as fast as I could.

    And sure enough it went back to "out of stock" status as soon as I'd checked out.

    I must check the site a hundred times a day -- and it FINALLY paid off!!

    It IS stunning.

    They've had it available several times this week. I could have bought it again 3x.

    So I suggest you just keep being diligent about checking eLux. Don't pay the robber baron prices on eBay...NOT worth it. Persevere on eLuxury instead. Patience DOES pay off!

    Good luck!!

    Here is the link: