Louis Vuitton Stephen Sprouse leopard scarf

  1. try the LV in miami!...good luck, I have one and I LOVE it:nuts:
  2. I don't think the Manchester store ever got any in. I was on the list last year from early on and they know me well in there. I finally gave up and then went to LV in Berlin in Feb and one was just sat on the shelf. Fate! So you may get lucky if you call around. Sure they would send one over and most stores speak English.

    I do agree they are REALLY delicate though. Mine was new in the store - they only just had it - and it's got little pulls on. It's kind of an open weave so you have to be really careful.
  3. Poshhoney it's stunning. I don't have a credit card though, so having one shipped from another country would not be an option. I've got my eye on one on eBay but I'm sure it will sell for too high a price. I don't know why it is still showing on the LV website when it has been sold out for months in the UK.
  4. There are a lot of scarves available at the german stores at the moment.

    Maybe you can call the Munich or Hamburg store. Good luck.
  5. I think mushroom_city on eBay has one! She's great, too!
  6. Thanks all. I have spotted another one on eBay that is a bit cheaper than the others so I might go for that.
  7. Hi there - look on vuitton.com they have the brown on now!
  8. Hi, thanks but they are sold out.
  9. Hey honeybunch - go to louisvuitton.com & look under womens & scarves & it's there - not elux - you wanted the brown w/ pink right? :smile:
  10. louisvuitton.com and elux while they are owned by the same company, they have different merch. So confusing!!!!
  11. I just ordered one on the LV site. I was shocked because the same scarves are going for 1000s on ebay... The exact same stehpen sprouse scarf! Well they are on LV for 675.00
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    Hi Raffaluv, I am going on the louisvuitton.com website that is the UK one because that's where I live and it says the brown scarf has sold out online. Were you referring to the USA website? I have just purchased the brown version of the scarf from ebay as the person selling it was selling it a quite a reasonable price (less that 100GBP over retail). I am now looking for the GREY version - I am so greedy I know! Unfortunately the UK LV website don't have it.

    I called customer services again and they told me the anthracite grey ones are all sold out in the UK and there's no point going on the waiting list because the waiting list is already huge. He also told me that only the odd one are put on LV.com UK site and they are always snapped up quickly. So basically I won't be able to get one!!

  13. Sorry honeybunch - I totally missed the fact your not in US, yup it was on the US LV site - I'm so happy you found one!! I'm going to call you a total enabler and can not call you greedy because I ended up buying the brown yesterday too AND just got the monocam shawl earlier this month & NOW you are making me want the anthracite/grey....thanks a lot ;):p you got a good sale, yeah, 100 over retail is really not bad & you really wanted it - really happy for you! Now let's go hunt for grey! :yes:
  14. Thanks Raffaluv! Yes, I'm happy I got a brown one too but the grey is to die for. :heart: I am going to take a trip into my local LV tomorrow and see if there's any point going on the wait list for the anthracite. Good luck in your search for yours although I think they did have the grey available on US LV.com. Let me know if you get it! ;)
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    OK honeybunch - that is it!! :smile: I just ordered the anthracite over the phone w/ the LV 866 # I'm so excited!! --- I started getting nervous that once it gets cooler I'd fall even more in love with it & it'd be gone - hey you have to go into the LV forum under the reference library & theres a thread on these also - I'll try to find the link - ok, i've got my fingers crossed theyll have the anthracite/grey for you & we'll be stole sisters across the water :p;) Here's the link