Louis Vuitton Steamer Luggage Trunks

  1. I just finished watching the Witches and I loved the big steamer trunk in it! It got me thinking... Do Louis Vuitton still make those big old fashioned steamer luggage trunks (like in the picture below)?


    I figure they must be Special Order but can anybody order one? Do you have to be royalty to get one? (Hehe, I'm not actually considering buying one I'm just curious)

    And also does anyone know how much they cost - like $20 000? or nearer $100 000? or even more :wtf: ?

    What do you all think of them - gorgeous/monstrous, useful/totally impractical? And if you were lucky enough to own one what would you do with it?
  2. Stellar.

    When I grow up, I dream of having just one, in my room near my bed!
  3. yes, by order i believe. so incredibly beyond omg. i love them!
  4. Yup, I think they're SO. I will have one someday, I will!
  5. There is one on display in my store!!! It's a must have in the future!!
  6. They're totally awesome aren't they! I hope to get one sometime in the future :biggrin: I'd probably put it at the end of my bed too but I don't know what I'd put in it hehe
  7. I have always wanted one for my dressing toom. Standing open overflowing with LV :drool:

    I asked once about the price. I think it was around USD 25,000-30,000.
  8. I saw a lot of them in Paris and they were something like 12 000 / 20 000 euros.
  9. i think they are absolutely gorgeous, but not very practical. they probably weigh about 70 pounds EMPTY, so they would not be very practical to travel around with. imagine trying to load that onto scale at the airport, or trying to pull it off the luggage belt. no thank you! lol

    if i owned one i would probably use it as storage/furnature. i would have it in my room like a chest and put all my handbags/accessories in it.
  10. Thanks, they're cheaper than I expected - but still the price of a car lol :biggrin:
  11. I've been thinking about ordering one for about a year now so use as a coffee table (which of course I'd get a piece of glass to put on top). They are very expensive though, hence why I've been pondering it for so long. It makes me super excited to think of having an LV trunk, however, the price does not haha.
  12. It is so beautiful - but I actually wouldn't know what to do with it - and I also think the price is out of range. Just think about how many LV bags - even LE - you could get for the price of one trunk???
  13. Yeah I know, I think I'd rather have a pair of multicolore alzers for that price and a few other bits and pieces, I know I'd get more use out of them!
  14. I would kill for a set of vintage trunks! I would place them all around my house as furniture. They would really fit in here because I've painted my walls in my den & adjoining living room light brown & dark brown.
  15. OMG that is sooo beautiful!! Yup, she is THE HG OF HG's!!!