Louis Vuitton Stamp is Fading....

  1. I noticed today that the " Louis Vuitton...Made in France" stamp on my papillon has started to fade...when I checked my wallet, I noticed that it was also starting to fade :crybaby:
    Is this normal? Its the first time I notice it.
  2. Actually, I've noticed this too. So far it's only happened in my Papillon, which is my oldest and most often used piece, so that could have something to do with it. Everything else I own looks fine. Then again, in most of my pieces the stamp didn't start with ink, it was just an impression in the leather.
  3. the "m" on my damier wallet came off over time, i should have check the wallet carefully before buying it. i suspect that the print is not good to begin with.
  4. My pocette is practically blank now, but I use it as a shoulder bag often.
  5. yeah, it's normal, I guess they just can't take everyday wear.....
  6. the "L" on my damier wallet is left with a "_"

  7. I didn't know it can fade like that over time. This would hinder me from selling it cause people might think it's fake cause what if one day it just about completely faded? Then again, I keep just about all the bags I get so I don't have to worry about that.
  8. It does happen, take a look at this "Made in France", it has faded. IMG_4065 (1).jpg
  9. You just replied to a 12 year old thread!
  10. the year I joined this forum haha.
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