Louis Vuitton stamp and "made in" question, help!!

  1. Hi all, I bought a used petit Noe on Ebay and I just received the item today. I posted the item (prior to bidding) on the Authenticate this Louis forum, and was told that in their opinions, it was real. So my question is, the Noe says Made in USA, and the date code corresponds w/USA, but on the strap and on the other side of the Noe it says Louis Vuitton Paris. Is this right? Or is it supposed to say Louis Vuitton USA? Here's a link to my winning item for your reference:

    eBay: AUTHENTIC USA LOUIS VUITTON NOE DRAWSTRING BUCKET BAG (item 130034937468 end time Oct-14-06 18:32:47 PDT)

    any thoughts greatly appreciated :yes:
  2. Your bag is 100% authentic. It will always say Louis Vuitton Paris regardless of where the bag is made. BTW, congrats on getting a great bag!:flowers:
  3. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyy thank you sooooo much Irene!!!! And as many other TPF'ers have said, it was your love of Noe's that got me wanting one! :yahoo: hehe! Thanks again :heart: