Louis Vuitton SS11 Preview


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May 2, 2006
London, England
Good evening guys,

Hope you're all well! I'm just wondering if anyone has ever been invited to preview the collection before it is launched in stores? By this I mean within the actual showroom as opposed to within store.

My SA texted me earlier offering me an opportunity to go to the New Bond Street Head Office to view the SS11 collection. Has anyone been before? What's the general protocol? I have university tomorrow but I thought I'd go for the experience anyway.

I've only got my PS1 here, is it a huge fashion faux pas to carry another brand to presumably a press event? What's the dress code? I presume it's casual?

Regardless, I'll be sure to get some snaps and give you guys all the low down!


Aug 6, 2010
I wouldn't carry a different brand if I were you......

dress a step up from casual.. :smile: have fun!!


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Mar 30, 2008
If it's just an invite to stop by to see the collection, I don't see any problem with casual. If it's an actual event, especially in the evening, then not-so casual.

I would not worry about the brand of bag you carry. Your SA knows that you love LV, thus the invite, and probably already knows that your taste goes beyond LV.

Have fun and PLEASE provide SPY pics!!!


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May 21, 2010
I agree with gre8dane, if the event is during the day then smart casual is fine - evening events I tend to dress up a bit and enjoy it. I've been to a few at the New Bond Street Maison and must admit that I always carry LV as a mark of respect but I'm sure it doesn't count against you if you don't. Anyway go and enjoy the champagne.


Call me Kenny.
May 2, 2006
London, England
Right guys, here's the low down! I have got a few cheeky snaps but I couldn't use a proper camera so had to use my Blackberry. It's on charge at the minute so keep your eyes peeled.

- New mahina tote available in a PM & GM. Similar to the L & XL tbh but without the buckles on the sides and appears to be slightly more structured. (They were stuffed bearing in mind).
- New mahina colours - an aqua blue and a butter yellow (very similar to Mulberry's butter Alexa).
- New tote in the Monogram Idylle range, again in Sepia and Encre.
- New SC bag colours in a red, white and croc. Also available in the clutch.
- Another Stephen Sprouse collaboration focusing on the leopard print. New colour scarves (blue/teal, white/pink and purple/pink).
- New wallets (Sarah, Zippy and Insolite). Sarah and Insolite are Monogram canvas with the Stephen Sprouse leopard print within. The Zippy is vernis but it is the Stephen Sprouse leopard print all over however still embossed as Vernis is, if that makes sense.
- Lots of new costume jewellery - cocktail rings, necklaces and bracelets.
- New Inclusion bracelets and bangles in bright colours like blue, orange and I think there was a green.
- Lots of new bag charms focusing on pastel colours as well as a 'holiday theme'.
- New cotton canvas tote that has a holiday theme. (Ref. pics, it'll make more sense).
- I think about four new styles of sunglasses.

- Stingray clutch bags.
- Heels with beads that drape the heel.
- Predominantly sandals.
- LOADS of clutch bags.

- New luggage and tote in Utah leather.
- Same luggage and tote in a cotton canvas that's monogrammed.
- New Monogrma macassar bag.
- New cotton canvas tote that says "LOUIS VUITTON ADVENTURER" or something.
- New scarves for men, similar to Stephen Sprouse leopard scarves. Available in green, brown/beige and a blue.
- A hi-top with the Stephen Sprouse leopard print on. Otherwise plain leather boots in white and chocolate brown.

I didn't take much notice of the watches and fine jewellery, so sorry if that's your area of interest.

Pics to follow! Any questions, either write it in here and I'll try my best to answer it or send across a DM. Hope this helps!

It was an amazing experience as it was actually Louis Vuitton's press day. I was one of two clients whom my SA chose. If you didn't know already, I'm in pursuit of a career in Marketing & PR upon graduation and I managed to network and speak to the PR girls of Louis Vuitton also. We exchanged details and so perhaps one day, I'll be working for the big LVMH again!
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May 11, 2009
I'm also very excited to see the new Mahina bag and colours and the new Idylle tote!! So excited for next year!


Sep 16, 2008
Oooh Kenzo your back with all the juicy gossip

Sarah wallet with Leopard interior :faint: I almost bought the plain one today so glad I waited

Would LVoe to see the mens Macassar bag what does it resemble??


Call me Kenny.
May 2, 2006
London, England
I love the stoles!!! Is the last bag a men's bag?
Correct. It's a monogrammed cotton canvas holdall and messenger. Both of these bags have a slight military theme to them and use a vintage looking silver hardware as well as being khaki in colour. They were definitely eye catching pieces. My SA said they would more than likely add to this line so possibly expect a tote.

Regarding the Runway bags, they're here: http://www.ilvoelv.com/2010/10/louis-vuitton-springsummer-2011-womenswear-collection-bags.html/

I also forgot, in the Antheia collection. There's a new tote, again a PM and GM available in a light grey and anthracite.