Louis Vuitton Spring RAOK Reveal Thread & Meeting Place

  1. Hello everyone,

    For those of you participating in the Spring RAOK, you should have now received a message through Elfster indicating who your buddy is!

    This thread is a meeting place for all of the members of the RAOK! Come here to share your gifts! In addition, this is also just a great place to unwind and talk with other RAOK members :smile: Often times, by the end of the RAOK we've all become pretty good friends!!!!

    **Mod...Can you please sticky?**
  2. Hello everybody participating in the RAOK!
    I'd like to urge everybody to please add your mailing address and wishlists: don't want to take over twiggers' job, but as a participant from Europe, I need to start thinking in advance about my buddy, with snail mail times and all :smile:
  3. Hi Velouria....yes, I hope everyone got the emails from Elfster yesterday and will start adding the required information!!!!

    If, for some reason, your buddy has NOT done so within the next couple of days...please please let me know so I can PM them!!!

    Also, mods, can this please be stickied!!!!
  4. Bumpity bump....please sticky!!!!!!
  5. bump for twiggers
  6. THanks Label!!!! I guess I'm going to have to PM someone!!! LOL
  7. Yes please do post your address :smile: I have to travel for work and need to send my buddy's gift off asap.
  8. Hehe time to start scouting out ideas for my March gift!
  9. I hope everyone has posted an address by now! If not, please let me know so I can start pestering people :smile:
  10. i was wondering when does the first gift have to be out by?
  11. Little message for the RAOK participants: when you make your wishlist, please bear in mind that not everybody on the forum is from the US, hence some products you list might not be available for us to buy.
    example: if you make all your wishlist about Sephora, your buddy in the UK will be desperate! (not related to my buddy or anything)

  12. This might seem like a silly question but do we keep who we are to our buddy a secret until the last gift? if so how do you send a gift with no return address or at least not to ours (because then they know who you are lol)

    Thanks :smile:
  13. i usually reveal myself at the last package, some choose to reveal after buddy post last pkg's pix. regarding the return address, i just put my first name and last name's inital, doubt that many people know me by first name.
  14. Haha. But with the new elfster function, everyone gotta put their address on it... Our buddy could have just checked through them ;p
  15. Ahhh yes, good point. I can fix that in Elfster so that you can only access your buddy's address!

    The first gift needs to be sent out by the 21st of March (if it's within your own country) or the 15th if you are sending out of country!

    I'll be sending out reminders :smile: