Louis Vuitton Speedy named "Style Icon" in lastest Elle Mag!

  1. Wow! Exciting! Our very own Speedy is named Style Icon on page 236 of the latest issue of Elle...the one with Scarlett on the cover. This is confirmation that every LV lover needs a Speedy (at least one) in their collection!

  2. yay! and a good pic of the upcoming cruise speedy too! thanks for posting!
  3. that is a great pic of the cruise speedy it is gorgeous!
  4. Does the cruise speedy have green monogramming? Serious WOW if it does!
  5. ^ cruise speedy available in blue or red
  6. Here is a closer look at the Cruise Speedy:

  7. It's kind of strange that they don't name the proper names for the bags. They say "lace monogram" instead of Dentelle and "structured monogram" instead of "Mirage."
  8. I read somewhere once they are proofed months & months in advance so maybe they didn't have name's then although Dentelle was named long before Mirage came about so that theory is out the window
  9. I found that weird too! I wonder who wrote that blurb!
  10. omg the new cruise speedy is lovely...and that price is lovely too!!!! I gotta have it gimme gimme!!
  11. The cruise speedy-TDF! Thanks for the info!
  12. Wow, the cruise one IS pretty cute! It sort of reminds me of the dune mini lin but fresher, somehow.
  13. Love the cruise speedy...what color is the one in the picture? It doesn't look blue or red to me.
  14. They are all gorgeous, though I'm a sucker for the original monogram Speedy.
  15. I saw that in my elle too, its so cool! I'm so happy I finally have my speedy!!!!