Louis Vuitton Speedy Damier Canvas 25 & 30 are now available in Eluxury.com!!!!!!

  1. aaakkk i know!!!!!! i want the 30....ohhh bags!!!!!!
  2. For $20 who wouldn't get the 30 vs 25?
  3. ahhhhh! i have the 25 in my shopping bag right now!.. im thinking of getting the 25 bc i dont think it will sag as much and will hold up better over time and use...or should i get the 30!! decisions decisions. opinions? im freaking out that i should get it now bc itll probably be all sold out in a couple hours
  4. But the bottom of a 30 will fit a magazine/catalogue nicely to keep it from sagging ;) I ordered a 30 and if I hate it I'll send it back.
  5. Any chance there are free shipping codes right now?
  6. awwww...i'm so excited. i have been checking every day like 5 times a day to see whether or not more were up. i came up here to let you other girls know, but i guess i a lot of you are just like me and just kept checking. i just placed my order for the 30 and koala wallet. i wanted the zippy organizer too. i'm wondering if i should have got the zippy instead of the koala. oh well, i think i might get the zippy in the monogram b/c i plan on getting the mono speedy 25 later. i cant wait until i get by bag. awwwww......i'm so excited.:biggrin:
  7. oh yeah! i couldnt sleep and it was like 3am i happen to check and yep they were on there...so i decided to sleep on it..get up at 8am and purchase the 25. and im pumped! its turning out to be quite the elusive bag huh!?
  8. Ok - now I'm in a quandry as well - the 30 or the 25. I have the Epi in the 25 and its perfect - will the damier be exactly the same size or smaller?? I heard that the Epi's are a bit bigger?? Anyone know?
  9. I compared my new damier speedy 30 I got on saturday-which i love!, and it is smaller than my epi speedy 30. I do love the size and it looks so classy, I recommend it.
    Oh, I'm 50 and 5'4 and thought the 25 looked too small more like for a younger person. All I know is whatever size you'll love it-its gorgeous!!!!
  10. i would say 25, the 30 just looks too big. and for a bag you carry in the crook of your arm, i dont think you would want the bigger size. but its all up to you. i think the smaller one looks cuter. the epi does seem a bit bigger to me, ah! i cant even make decisions myself! lol. can you fill up your epi speedy 25, if you can then get the 30 if not id say 25 all the way! good luck
  11. No - I never fill up the EPI - i just don't carry that much. Wallet, glasses, checkbook, cell phone and 20 lipglosses, lol!!
  12. they make it so hard by making the 30 only $20 more, bc then it makes us think...oh well for 20 more dollars i can get the next size up, when there is really a bigger difference between them!!
  13. if you are 5"8... what bag would you get? i want it to be a cute and playful bag.... the 25?
  14. Is this batch they have now from France too like the first batch that were launched 6/1?