Louis Vuitton speedy Bandouliere torn inside *Help

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  1. Hi all,
    I bought a LV speedy Bandouliere on Feb this year at the George V store for my mom.

    Two days ago she sent me a picture with the interior of the bag showing the fabric above the zip-pocket was torn. See the picture attached below, Very badly torn..
    Mom told me she did use the zip-pocket couple of times. And she had any idea of the tear until 2 days ago.


    Please advice What should I do now? As I'm back in Australia.. Should I send to my local LV store to fix it? Or do you guys have any idea what would that do about it??
  2. Definitely take it to your local LV and bring your receipt if you have it. I am sure they can look up your purchase in the system. Any LV should be able to see what can be done to fix or replace it! Good luck!
  3. Obviously take it to a store. I am sure they will offer a free repair.
  4. Thank you guys. guess i will have a visit to my local LV store when moms back :smile: Thanks heaps for all your help :biggrin:

  5. Yikes, that is not good! Let us know what they say!
  6. Beurk. for sure bring it back to lv store.
  7. Guys.. Just for an update. I brought the bag back to LV Melbourne store today.
    the store will send it to service at the head quarter and it will take up to 6 weeks!! didn't get an instant replacement from store as I told them I live here in Melbourne .
    (Shouldn't have said I live here ;(( )
    Side note; according to the SA who's helping me on the issue, if I said I was in a hurry and need it back asap or leaving the country soon.. they would have just replaced a new one with no question.