Louis Vuitton Speedy B25 color Infini available or not?

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  1. Hello, have a situation I hope someone can help me understand. I was on the Louis Vuitton USA website Monday to purchase the speedy b in infini. I was surprised to see the color infini on the site it has not be available for days and I've heard it was being discontinued. It was there with a note stating "out of stock online, call for assistance". I called, the Louis Vuitton CS representative assured me it was available. I was thrilled however that's when the situation took a strange turn. Even though it was available a manager at the distribution center had to "RELEASE IT" for me to purchase.??? My information and payment method was taken and CS advised me it would be shipped as soon as the release request was completed which could take up to week? I was told to wait for my email from Louis Vuitton with my tracking number. Has anyone experienced this or a similar situation?? Thanks in advance.
  2. I've never experienced this before, but I would hope that LV will honor the current price for you. Perhaps you should call 866 and verify the price you will pay. If you mention the price increase they might play dumb, or they might honestly not know. It's best to just verify the purchase price with them. If they say "subject to change", then it's possible you will be charged the increased price if it's in affect when the bag ships. The increase isn't supposed to be until March 2 or 3 in the USA.
  3. yes
    for now