Louis Vuitton Speedy 35

  1. Thanks!;)

    Does anyone have the width measurements of the 35 Speedy as well?

    mmm yeah I sorta want it as a travel bag, so still unsure if the 35 will the right size.
    And still would like the option of maybe using it as an everyday bag, but don't think i'll be able to do that with the 35, might be way too big on me. :s

  2. i got the 40.. im tall too.... i use a base purchased from jennycola on eBay b/c with the sag its a lil much... i looooove mine tho!
  3. hello, i am about 5'5 and about 120 lbs.... i am like everyone else deciding on the 30 or 35 ... and i am looking for it to be an everyday bag. help! thanks
  4. I have both the 30 and the 35. The 35 holds much more than the 30. I am 5'3 and both can be used as everyday bags, I guess it depends how much stuff you carry with you on a daily basis. Most days the 30 does the trick but sometimes I need the extra room.
  5. Is this Speedy 35?
    Love how it's propped!
  6. ^^Yeah looks like the 35
  7. I love it on you....may i ask how tall you are?
  8. I am 5'7" (but usually wear at least 4" heels) and weigh 135 and have the 35. I just bought two days ago as an everyday bag and :heart: it! I tend to either carry bags that carry nothing, or bags that carry alot. I can fit tons in there...the only problem I have now is the sagging...

    Hope that helps!
  9. I am your size and just got the 35. I tried both the 30 and 35 and I just liked how the 35 looked on me, a little oversize but nothing crazy. I like big bags so I felt it was a good choice for me, the 30 just looked a little small when I tried it on
  10. Hi this bag is 35? i just ordered 30 hmmm i might change my mine:confused1:
  11. have anybody pics that you carrying speedy 30?
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    I am 5'9 I weigh 135 do you think the 40 is too big or just right. My dilemma is between the 35 and the 40 please help. Does anyone have a picture of themselves carrying a 40?
  13. LOL, I can't believe this thread is still alive after I created it in 2006. I LOVE my Speedy 35. Best purchase ever.

    I would not get the 40, bella bags. I do think it is too big. The 35 would be better, IMO.
  14. Hi LV-lovers :smile: , I always dreamed about getting a Speedy30. After having saved money for a pretty long time, finally I decided to buy it :yahoo:As I entered the Louis Vuitton Shop in Verona (Italy) I asked straight away for the Speedy30 and was kind of surprised how small it seemed to me (until then I only have seen it on pictures). Therefore I asked to have a look at the Speedy35 and finally decided to buy it, also because of the price difference of only 15€ (in Europe the Speedy30 costs 440€ and the Speedy35 costs 455€). At the end I am really happy of my decision, also because I think that the 35 looks a lot more precious than the smaller ones. What is more you can keep nearly everything in it: papers in DinA4-format, a smal umbrella, a light jacket or cardigan and stuff like that... I will post up some pics of my 35 soon!!!
    Best wishes to you all,
  15. Hi everyone!
    I just got my LV Speedy 35 in the mail today, I was a bit unsure if it was authentic because on both sides of the speedy the LV were a bit cut off from the top. Is that normal??