Louis Vuitton Speedy 35

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  1. Got my few months back and just had time to post some pictures :smile:


  2. Just bought a lovely 25 year old monogram speedy 35 to use as my "gym bag." Had been using a cabas mezzo but was so afraid I would get marks on the vachetta base. Love that bag but need to be so careful with it. The Speedy on the other hand is so easy. Has a gorgeous patina and nothing to worry about. Holds my clothes and my yoga mat towel easily, along with wallet, glasses, etc. I am 5'3", 108 pounds and I think the size of the 35 is fine as a hand held gym bag. I change out of it for other activities though most days the gym is my only activity! And I just like the looks of it -- the proportions -- somehow the geometry of the bag looks better to me than the 30
  3. I have a Speedy 35 in DE and i think that it's the perfect size for a regular day for me (leaving my son at daycare, getting to the office, getting home and shopping grocery on the way or so), with an organizer inside i can fit the usual stuff such as phone, wallet, cosmetic pouch, snacks for my son, spare clothes for him to leave at daycare, my laptop for work, a notebook etc.

    But during weekends and just going out with the family, i feel that a 30 could be enough :smile: So it depends on how you plan on using the bag, your lifestyle etc.
  4. Really appreciative of this thread, but having read most of the posts (very helpful advice by all posters), I still don't know which will be the suitable fit in the near future should I finally take the plunge. Guess it's best to head down to the boutique to have a look and try on.
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    I just joined the LV Speedy 35 team!! I am hoping it arrives this morning if not Monday it will be here. Sadly!!! I love looking at all your pics.
  6. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1458692084.207764.jpg
    She's here!!
  7. I am so glad I went with the 35 now too. I just ordered mine and she is a preloved beauty with some minor things to clean up and condition but she is fairly new 2013 girl!
  8. I think you will be happy with the 35 !! I love mine ;)
  9. Just got my Speedy 35 last weekend and I'm loving it.[emoji7] ImageUploadedByPurseForum1458833448.907046.jpg
  10. I just purchased her last night she is from France which I love. I just worry about those dark handles but if all else fails I will replace them.:smile

  11. Love my pre loved Speedy 35 I think you will be in LOVE also!! Once I cleaned her up I haven't put her down yet!!!
  12. She is on her way!! It's going to take a minute cause I live in Itlay but I am so excited. I have two weeks till I leave for Greece and I really want to take her with so here's hoping she arrives soon. 😊
  13. My first Speedy was a 35 and I love it! Currently, I am carrying the 40.
  14. I have 2 speedy B 35 and love them. Enjoy!
  15. I just bought my second speedy I retired my last speedy monogram 35 and bought a new one ! Got the new packaging too IMG_1473366188.920264.jpg
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