Louis Vuitton Speedy 35

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  1. I have the speedy 30 and the keepall 45 and the keepall 45 would work as a gym bag. But that is pretty much it, in my opinion it's too big to carry as a day to day bag. Maybe the speedy 35 is better?
    Try the different sizes in store and see which one suits your needs best :smile:
  2. Unfortunately I can't try unless I fly to my country's capital city.
    So...If Keepall 45 is too big for day to day, would 40 fulfill both my need as gym back n day to day when I go on holiday?

  3. Depends on how much you carry to the gym. I recommend a gym bag w/different compartments for your damp and worn items. I just can't imagine paying so much for a LV to put gym items in. Then again... It would be quite glamorous to use LV in the gym [emoji12]
  4. Your photos make me really want to get a speedy in mono 😝

  5. It would really depend on what you plan to carry in it. I have a 35 and for me it wouldn't be big enough. Personally I wouldn't use an LV as a gym bag. Maybe hold off on purchasing LV and use an actual gym bag until you are accustomed to going and knowing what you need, locker size, etc.
  6. I agree, you will know your needs better after a couple of weeks at the gym :smile:

  7. Haha, that make sense!

    Anyway I was told in another LV thread that speedy 40 is 1 awkward size bag. It's neither traveling duffle bag n might not be big enough for gym nor is it suitable for day to day. And they said 35 isn't big enough.

    Soooo..... will go gym starting next month, Hahaha! If I finally buy my LV for that purpose, I will take pic n post it here [emoji16]

  8. Is the one on the right the larger size? I love both of your outfits, you look so chic!

  9. Looking good on u!

  10. Hi, it's the same bag !! Speedyb35 [emoji5]️
  11. My speedy 35 ImageUploadedByPurseForum1435270637.073119.jpg
  12. I have a
    Monogramouflage Camouflage Speedy 35. I have used it as a daily bag but prefer to use it when I am traveling. It holds a ton of stuff!

    My husband made a cardboard insert for the bottom of my bag. He does this for all my canvas speedy's and they look great, IMO. I am not a fan of bag sag. :smile:
  13. My 2 yr old speedy b with me on a daycation.

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  14. Beautiful! I've always wanted a Speedy DA but not sure if I want to deal with color/denim transfer( I own a noe bb DA, yep, requires maintenance). I see your chap is hot stamped, is that the new model?

  15. No. This is 3 years old speedy but I don't wear it much as I should,that's why it hasn't patina enough yet! mainly mostly only when I travel, I tend to wear the most my neverfull DA , but I haven't had any color transfer with any of them yet ! .. Don't worry about it ! They are too beautiful to pass on them !
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