Louis Vuitton Speedy 35

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  1. Hi, does anyone own a LV Speedy 35? Is this bag too big to carry on a daily basis or is more like a duffle bag? I've never seen it in person, only online. Trying to decide whether to get the 30 or 35. Thanks. :smile:
  2. hi! my avatar are the 30 and 40..... hope it helps a little...
  3. Thank you Suzie, it does help to see them side by side :smile:
  4. Do you carry your 35 as a purse?
  5. Best is to try them both on. I'm still debating between the two for the last few months. Both are good for everyday, just depends if you like big bags.
  6. That's the probelm for me privatejoy - I don't have any retails close by. I love big bags, so I would probably like the Speedy 35. I just didn't want to look like I'm carrying around my luggage all day. LOL..
  7. do you mean my 40? yes i carry both of them as a purse..... i love the sag on the 40 and the 30 sometimes has a cardboard bottom if i'm not into the saggy look...
  8. I had my mind set on the Speedy 30 for ever until I walked into the LV store to drool and saw the 35. I really like big bags, and to me, I dont think the 35 is too big. So it's pretty much preference! :smile:
  9. I'm a big bag lover too!! Does anyone have a pic of themselves holding the 30 and then holding a 35?
  10. try diong a thread search and or search the speedy club thread
  11. I just got my Speedy 35 a couple of weeks ago and I actually went through the exact same dilema as you, trying to decide between the 30 & 35! I decided on the 35 because I love bigger bags and I thought that besides being able to use the 35 as an everyday bag, it would also make a perfect travel hand-carry or overnight bag too! :nuts:

    It really isn't too big at all. I even tried on the 40 while I was at it and admit that the 40 was definetly too big as an everyday bag. With the 40, you would look like you're using your hand-carry. But I think the 35 is a great choice...I'm really happy I got it! :love:

    Here are the pics I took of myself carrying it and hope it helps you out a bit. I am 5'4, 106 pounds (size 2), for your reference:

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  12. That bag is fantastic, Dragon Girl. It looks gorgeous, especially next to you. I weigh about 140 lbs, so it may not look as flattering next to me! :smile:

    I am definitely going with the 35. I was surprised to find out there's only about a $25 price difference. Definitely worth the extra space! You all have been so nice to me! I really appreciate it. This would be my first LV purchase!
  13. Here's are pics of me and my 35 and 30 - I'm five feet tall. I sold the 35 as it was not getting the time that my 30 was.

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  14. 30

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  15. I love everyone's fun pictures! I am always suprised by how different the various sizes look from each other.