Louis Vuitton Speedy 30

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  1. Hi everyone :smile:
    Today I need a suggestion because I don’t know which speedy 30 to buy.
    First of all, I have to decide if try the bandouliere version or continue with the classic.
    And then, which canvas should I buy?
    I have two speedy 30, one in monogram canvas and another
    In damier azur.
    I’ve just bought the neverfull in damier azur, so I probably should go for one of the others.
    I’m planning to buy pochette Métis, but here in Italy is not available for now, so I don’t know If I will be able to have another monogram piece.
    I’m also a little bit scared of the crossbody of the damier ebene because a lot of people say that is quite uncomfortable.
    What do you think?
    Do you have one of these bag? Thank you for any advice :smile:
  2. I suggest getting the DE Speedy B in the size 30. It's a practical piece and you can wear it with or without the strap. If you find the strap uncomfortable then wear without it. Is there a store that you can try on the bag? Believe me, Speedy bags are very addictive. I own many different versions.
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  3. My opinion on strap is to always get it. I use 2 pieces of strap for shoulder carry. It’s a nice option. You can still hand carry but will also have option to be hands free. On print, really a personal choice as to what you like. Good luck deciding.
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  4. I love crossbody bags for the hands free option but the Speedy B will never not look like a gym bag with the strip of leather on the sides. So I ended up getting the regular speedy, and attach a strap to the hardware by the handles when hands free is required.
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  5. I would 100% go for Speedy b in DE. I never thought I’d purchase a bag in DE but when I bought my Speedy b 25, I fell in love. It’s a beautiful, practical and versatile option.
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  6. Another vote for the speedy 30 in DE. The strap is fine.
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  7. My voter's for the speed B 30 in DE. I have one in 25 and find the straps very useful when I need to be hands free.
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  8. Don’t lose hope for the Pochette Metis. Today in Rome (via Condotti) they had two of them made in France and last week in Rome Etoile they had two of them made in Italy. Just ask your SA.
    By the way, I vote por SpeedyB 30. I own the monogram and I’m very satisfied.
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  9. I had a classic speedy 30 DE for quite a while but eventually sold it and bought the speedy b 30 DE instead. I like the option to be hands free.
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  10. I never wear my speedy b crossbody. You can attach 2 pieces of strap instead of 3 and use it as shoulder bag. I also have a very old speedy in azur and attach a strap sometimes. In the old days that’s what a lot of us did anyway.
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  11. An other vote for Speedy B 30 DE.
    It’s an amazing bag, and a strap is VERY comfortable.
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