Louis Vuitton special orders

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  1. many of the ladies here have mentioned special ordering things from LV and i thought that the topic deserved a thread of its own since it's something i've always been extremely curious about (always as in the past few years since i've been old enough to appreciate nice bags)........of course there're the general questions of what can you special order?....any of their bags in any of the leathers/canvas?...........and the crucial question for those who've placed SO's before is.....how much?.....of course it depends on the bag/item you're SOing but just a general idea of how much you paid as compared to how much the bag in its original form would have been.....and i just walk into the store and say i'd like to place a special order, talk through the logistics, and that's it? (one of the things that's stopped me from placing one other than finances is that i've been scared that the SA would say ur not special enough to warrant a SO :cry:smile:
  2. I talked to an SA about this a few days ago. You can pretty much SO any of the monograms in the Damier or even Epi (I need to reconfirm this). For example, the SA told me that she just sold a Damier Cabas Piano to someone. However they cannot do that for other styles - for example, you cannot make change any of the Monogram Mini styles to Monogram Canvas.

    There is a 50% deposit and it takes 6 months - and it's 30% more.

    I think that's it, please correct me if I'm wrong!
  3. can u special order bags in monogram vernis?.......and i woudl definitely pay 30% more for a bag uniquely my own.....
    but another concern of mine.....which is horribly superficial.....is that if i SO all of the girls who see me will be like, look at that girl with her fake bag....that bag doesn't come in that monogram...or something like that......
  4. I'm not sure, I didn't ask the SA about the vernis....you can always call and double check.

    I was thinking along the same lines as you, that people will think my bag was fake, but as long as I know that it was real and had it special made, I wouldn't care.
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  5. I think if you really want one then you should. I wouldn't mind ppl think it's fake. Since the bag will be special and unique to you, whatever makes youself happy I say go for it.
  6. Well I want a Keepall special order. My choices were between the Bronze Vernis, and Natural Cowhide. To my utter dismay, they no longer special order the Keepall in Vernis! :sad: Guess I will have to go with the Vachetta Keepall then. It's $3,900. So on top of the special order premium, if your going from canvas to leather, it's quite costly! :-\

    What bag did you have in mind to special order?
  7. i was thinking i'd like one of these bags in the monogram vernis just for a fun everyday look......
    or a multicolore mini ribera
  8. jc2239 - what great choices!! have you considered the roxbury drive? I know it's not the popincourt but it's pretty similar if you don't want to wait 6 mths.
  9. Oh gosh! The Popincourt would look awesome in Vernis. You should definitely call and ask! Keep us updated! :amuse:
  10. i've been eyeing roxbury on and off for ages now.......i can't decide if i love it or hate it...i think there's just something about it (handles and stuff) that's just a little off for me........but i agree about the wait....i am not a patient person.....
  11. I think the Ribera MM in Multicolor would be so cute!
  12. If this picture from eLuxury (from the vernis koala wallet alternate views) is any indication, there may be a vernis ravello style bag coming your way, no SO needed ! ;)

  13. i agree! i also think that a popincourt haut would look really cute in multicolor :biggrin:
  14. Can special orders be made in multicolor? I thought they had restrictions on that.. For intance, you can't get a papillon in MC, right? Or maybe I'm way off :P
  15. i actually don't know the answer to that.. if anyone does that info would be much appreciated! :biggrin: